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Mekab Industrial Services Contractors
MEKAB was founded in 1998 and is a technical and construction company, specialising in mechanical works and constructions on industrial sites (mainly refineries).
In particular, our long experience with our work inside refineries , especially in the area of heat exchangers and aircoolers and the successful execution of each type of work (construction, repairing, maintenance, optimization, retubing ) on that equipment , renders us as one of the leading specialists in this kind of works in Greece.
Our services, also, include the construction and installation of steel structures, piping, scaffolding, fire-fighting systems, fuel storage tanks and vessels. Furthermore, we undertake cleaning work of industrial equipment through hydroblasting as well as the applying of insulation to the equipment. All the above fields have evolved in parallel, so that we can provide complete solutions even to the most demanding projects.

Our company annually invests a significant percentage of its profits in acquiring equipment, in modernizing its facilities and in training its staff. This results in the constant improvement of our provided services, in order to respond ever better to the needs of refineries and of the rest of our clients.

The engineering department plays an important role in the development and progress of MEKAB as well as in the continuous improvement of our services. It plans, manages, executes and provides support to all our contracts and projects, while it also controls and contributes to the training and evaluation of our employees.

Since 2010, as a culmination of our efforts for the on-going improvement of our services, we have been implementing a management quality system, which is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

Kapodistriou 11 str. Loutraki.
20300. Greece

Telephone: +30 6944 342293

Mekab Industrial Services Contractors
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