Controlled Bolting

MEKAB specialises in Controlled Bolting with technicians and equipment to properly close connections on any flanges: We have the right bolting system for your facility, to provide the right controlled bolting service.

The technology of these tools are developed in accordance with the following certifications (TUV, ISO, LOYDS ) and with the international starndards ANSI and ASME. Our personnel are qualified in the use and operation of these tools, enabling you to take the certifications.

Mekab offers services in Controlled Bolting for Flange Dismantling, Assembling, Blinding, Unblinding:

Eliminates leakage on joints through uniform bolt loading.

Tensioning multiple bolts/fasteners at the same time.

Increase the reliability of your equipment.

Time saved due to properly close flanged connections.

Increased productivity in all areas.

Bolting, Bolted Joint Integrity, Controlled Bolting:

We have teams of highly trained and experienced engineers which make leak-free bolted
connections safely and competently whether torque or tension bolt loading which guarantees
that correct bolt loads are achieved and not just applied.

Our products are manufactured, controlled and certificated by Hi-Force in England (UK).
Every product has a serial number and is certified and tested. All the products from Hi-Force
are ISO certificated which meet all the requirements from the European Union for hydraulic

Our teams have been certified by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) and have completed training in the following:

Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques.

Hydraulically Tensioned Bolted Connection Techniques.

Hydraulically Torqued Bolted Connection Techniques.



controlled bolting


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